Heart Mind Learning

Fostering Accesible and Inclusive Learning Environments: Collaborative, Creative, and Compassionate Solutions for All

Educational Planning

Tailored educational solutions meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of every learner

Extensive expertise in Ministry of Education and Childcare designations and support services, ensuring comprehensive and specialized assistance

Proficient in utilizing distance and online learning platforms to create accessible educational opportunities

Championing individualized, strength-based approaches for fostering inclusive and accessible educational experiences

Expertise in Individual Education Plan (IEP) development to address specific learner needs

Ensuring educational planning aligns seamlessly with legislatively mandated standards and requirements, including the BC School Act and the Accessible BC Act, to promote equitable access to education


Breaking down barriers and fostering inclusive and accessible environments with creativity and empathy.

Facilitating conflict resolution with understanding and ingenuity.

Advocating for the rights and needs of diverse learners, aligning efforts with relevant legislation such as Human Rights legislation, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Accessible BC Act.

Connecting individuals and families with necessary supports and services to cultivate an equitable society through proactive advocacy initiatives.

Transitions Support

Tailored educational planning to support diverse learning needs

Work skills planning for successful integration into the workforce

Cultivating inclusive and accessible environments for all

Collaboration with stakeholders to promote seamless transitions

Empowering students with tools and resources for long-term success

Professional Learning

Universally inclusive and accessible learning environments for every learner and every disability

Ministry of Education and Childcare standards and requirements

Accessible British Columbia Act

Culture change

Leading inclusive and accessible teams