Heart Mind Learning

Educational Planning, Tutoring, Professional Learning, BC Accessibility Act

Educational Planning

Tailored, individualized learning solutions

Ministry of Education and Childcare Designations and Support Services

Distance and online learning

Individualized, Strength-based, Accessible Educational Solutions for every Learner


Guidance and support for academic excellence in core subject areas such as Social Studies, English, and Computer Programming in Java and Python

Providing one-on-one sessions addressing individual learning needs in these specific subjects

Customizing learning materials for a deeper understanding of various subjects including Social Studies, English and Computer Programming among others

Creating an accessible and empowering educational environment for every learner, regardless of their learning style or pace


Identifying and ameliorating barriers

Navigating conflict

Accessing supports and services

Professional Learning

Universally inclusive and accessible learning environments for every learner and every disability

Culture change

Accessible British Columbia Act

Leading inclusive and accessible teams

Ministry of Education and Childcare standards and requirements

Accessible British Columbia Act

Accessibility Plan Development and Implementation