"Joanna is a truly amazing individual to have in your corner. She is professional, compassionate, caring and wise. She has a wealth of experience and education, but is so humble and caring.  We could not be more grateful for her advice and support as we walked through one of the most difficult situations of our lives, that affected our child. She helped us say things in a professional manner, she gave us valuable information that allowed us to make wise choices and helped us see things clearly when emotion was taking over. She allowed us to talk things through and find a wise course of action. She helped us advocate for our child and supported us beyond what we ever could have asked for. If you are wondering if you should consider consulting her for advice, you should. She is brilliant and truly amazing to work with. You won't regret a second of time spent working with her. "


"Joanna provided advocacy coaching for me during a difficult appeal process with a school district. Her knowledge of various policies, mandates, provincial acts, rights of students were the underpinning for my dispute with a school district. Her savvy communication skills, professional writing style, and  breadth of knowledge held dignity for all parties involved. She worked from the perspective of helping me make educated choices, and supported my decisions each step along ."