Joanna Angelidis

About Me

I believe that every learner is extraordinary. I believe too that today's students need and expect learning experiences that draw out their strengths and talents, and prepare them for lives of well-being, joy, contribution, and abundance. 

I specialize in universally accessible and inclusive learning environments where all students experience the best that education can offer. I am a knowledgeable and skilled leader and educator with over two decades of experience in both the K-12 and post secondary systems leading, teaching and supporting students, caregivers and schools to navigate complex issues and achieve the success that students deserve.

My mission is to support students, families, and schools to implement tailored education solutions that build upon existing strengths and assets.  Every educational challenge can be solved by coming together, identifying barriers and implementing the right strategies for access, inclusion and learner success.

Now is an exciting time of change in education. The Accessible British Columbia Act, the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care designation-driven supports and services, and, most importantly, the expectation that all learners experience an accessible, inclusive and individualized education, means that now, more than ever, students will be able to experience the education they need and deserve.

If you are looking for accessible, inclusive and strength-based education, I invite you to connect with me. 

Joanna Angelidis

BA, B.Ed, M.Ed

Transformative Educational Leadership, UBC

Justice Institute Conflict and Mediation

Doctoral Candidate; Universally Accessible and Inclusive Learning Environments